Portable DVD Copying Made Easy with DVD Coach

Portable DVD Copying Made Easy with DVD Coach


Don’t you hate it when you have to, ahem, “backup” your favorite movie DVD or music CD? You have to boot up the computer, wait for the program to load, insert your discs, wait for it to whirl around… it’s all quite a hassle, just so that you can have a backup copy of Jason Bourne doing his thing.

The DVD Coach from EZ-Dupe completely streamlines the optical disc (CD/DVD) duplication process, because it doesn’t need a computer to do it. This is a standalone unit and it’s about the same size as the first Sony Discman (I used to have one of those). The difference is that there are two disc trays here: one for the original and one for the blank. Given the proper media, the DVD Coach can even do the Lightscribe thing.

I’m not sure how good it is at getting past encryption and/or compressing video to fit on a single-layer DVD-R disc, but the EZ-Dupe DVD Coach does sound like a handy invention. Too bad it’s a little pricey at $340 to $460.