Bringing an iPhone-Like UI to Windows Mobile (Video)

Bringing an iPhone-Like UI to Windows Mobile (Video)


Sneaky. A teaser site has been erected, seemingly counting down to the new year. This normally wouldn’t be all that interesting, but on that teaser site, they also have links to a photostream on Flickr and a video on YouTube. And what do these teasers reveal? Well, it turns out that a new mobile application called Pointui Home Beta 0.92 System is set to launch at the stroke of midnight, ushering in an era of Windows Mobile behind an iPhone-like skin.

Details are very slim at this point, but from what we can gather, it’s an “enhancement of Windows Mobile” wherein you access all the usual WinMo stuff, but through a scrolling iPhone-like user interface. Big on-screen buttons emerge for getting to ActiveSync, Calendar, Contacts, and so forth.

You can check out the teaser site at In the meantime, here’s the teaser video.