The Ultimate Wallet-Sized Photograph

The Ultimate Wallet-Sized Photograph


If everything hasn’t gone digital yet, it’s about to. we saw it happen to our cameras and more recently, we’re seeing it happen to the photo frames we put on the mantle. And now even your wallet-sized photos are going digital. EmTrace has created the Widget One, a wallet-sized device that will gladly show photos and do all sorts of Linux-powered goodness.

The Widget One can be thought of as a pocket-sized version of the Widgetstation, also by EmTrace. It’s got a footprint of 9cm by 7cm, but the 5mm of thickness definitely makes this gadget a little chubbier than your American Express. Other features include a 2.5-inch LCD (QVGA, 16M colors), a rechargeable battery, 128MB of storage, 64MB of operational memory, and the aforementioned Linux for data syncing and the like.

As you can tell, the WidgetOne will do stock quotes and weather, as well as photos. Too bad these are just conceptual renderings, so there’s no saying when (and if) this product will ever migrate into reality.