FCC Reveals Official Motorola ROKR E8 Details

FCC Reveals Official Motorola ROKR E8 Details


Some people say that Motorola has lost some steam in the marketplace because the appeal of the aging RAZR has definitely fallen off. Some soccer moms still think the slim flip phone is cool, but most of us have moved on to touchier pastures. The Motorola ROKR E8 isn’t exactly a touchscreen phone, but with situation-specific touch-sensitive controls, it’s pretty darn close.

We’ve seen the Motorola ROKR E8 before, but those shots and hands-on impressions were largely unofficial and unconfirmed. This time around, we’re getting the details straight from the FCC, so it looks like the final version of this candybar is just about ready to go.

As you recall, the biggest selling feature on this phone is that the keypad lights up with different controls as you need them, bringing up digits for calling and multimedia controls for music. The surface is completely flat, but they provide a button-like thanks to some form of haptic feedback. The rest of the specs are pretty standard with microUSB, landscape display, stereo Bluetooth, camera, EDGE, and microSD expansion.