BlackBerry Devices Get Colorware Treatment For the Holidays

BlackBerry Devices Get Colorware Treatment For the Holidays


Although the red and green motif is a little too Christmas-y for my tastes, the more festive among us might appreciate the Colorware treatment coming to a family of BlackBerry devices in a few days. You’ve probably heard of Colorware in the past and how they like to add a splash of color to things like iPods, iMacs, and iPhones. They’re taking that palette to the BlackBerry Curve, Pearl, and 8800 now.

We can tell you for sure that these new colors will at least be available in red and green, but more colors are probably going to be offered as well. If you’re not already a proud owner of a BlackBerry, you can order a pre-colored one from Colorware. If you’re already addicted to a CrackBerry, you can send the device to the company for a paint job.

Then again, most BlackBerry users are the corporate types and I imagine that a bright green phone might clash with your black-and-white business suit. That and it might be hard living without the BlackBerry while it gets splashed by Colorware. Look for the new offerings on December 31st. Happy new year!