Asus M903W Smartphone Better Than LG enV

Asus M903W Smartphone Better Than LG enV


When you look at cell phones like the LG enV and the Verizon Voyager, it’s obvious enough that they are catering to teens and other text message-hungry consumers. The Asus M930W smartphone is definitely a different beast altogether, targeting the more business-oriented among us with its hidden QWERTY keyboard.

I know, I know. The LG enV also had a very similar form factor with a standard candybar-like appearance, but when you consider the reputation of Asus and how the M930W is loaded with Windows Mobile, you know that they want all the suits in the audience to buy this. I’m loving the dual displays, by the way.

In terms of features, you get stuff like a 520MHz processor, tri-band GSM, 3G, 256MB ROM, 128MB RAM, WiFi and Bluetooth. The raw guts sound a little anemic to me, especially when you compare it to higher-end HTC smartphones, but the dual keyboard could be a huge selling point to those interested in corporate communication.