Video: Truck To Do a Backflip on New Year’s Eve

Video: Truck To Do a Backflip on New Year’s Eve


Wow, this sounds a little more exciting that just watching the same ball drop down in Times Square that you watched last year. The Red Bull Experiment will be aired on ESPN on the evening of December 31st, and what it involves is sending a truck into a backflip via a specially-designed ramp in the middle of nowhere.

You may have heard about Rhys Millen’s plans before as the core structure to the ramp has been completed for some time, but one feature that very few people have seen is some sort of flipper device near the top of the ramp. This will kick the truck into rotation, hopefully given it enough spin to land back on the ground… right side up. If it weren’t for this kicker, the truck might not be able to pull off the 360 in the air.

But my words aren’t nearly as telling as the video below. I fear for the life of the man who’ll be driving this thing next Monday night.