Shining New Light on Portable iPod Chargers

Shining New Light on Portable iPod Chargers


You’re probably over at grandma’s house right now, trying to get over the smell of moth balls as you hear the turkey get basted in the kitchen. This is because the battery on your iPod has run out and you have nowhere to charge the bloody thing. It’s a shame, really, because you could have prevented this predicament simply by picking up a portable charging pack for your iPod (or any other portable device, for that matter).

The TC2 Portable Charger from Voxred, for example, provides a mobile power solution for just all your handheld gadgetry, transferring the juice from a pair of AA batteries into your iPod, cell phone, or Nintendo DS. This isn’t an entirely new concept and you’ll find countless other products on the market that do this, so what did Voxred do to set the TC2 apart from the competition? They included a dual LED flashlight.

Yeah, I know, it’s not much. Then again, the price isn’t too bad either at just $29.95. If you’re lucky, the store by grandma’s might even stock it right now. Go ahead… say you’re going out to buy the cranberry sauce.