PlayStation Emulator for iPhone Now Available to Public

PlayStation Emulator for iPhone Now Available to Public


Earlier this month, we told you about the efforts to build a PlayStation emulator for the iPhone and how they were still ironing out the kinks through the private beta version. We told you that this was a substantial upgrade over the NES emulator, because it was going to bring 32-bit games to the Apple iPod (and iPod touch). It was going to monumental. After some tinkering, PSX4iPhone — the iPhone’s PSone emulator — is finally available for public consumption, much to the joy of Guilty Gear and Buster Bros. fans around the world.

There are two competing screenshots being shoved around on the Internet, so I’m not entirely sure who to believe. The original image overlays the controls on a landscape-oriented display, whereas the current image has a portrait orientation, placing the controls beneath the gameplay screen. I’m not sure who to believe.

There is a forum discussion where you can find out which ROMs are compatible and which are not. I’ll leave the legal mumbo-jumbo in your hands.