Handheld SD Camcorder For $150, Takes 5MP Stills Too

Handheld SD Camcorder For $150, Takes 5MP Stills Too


One of the more popular things to do on the Internet these days is to record random videos of your friends doing something stupid, uploading the result onto YouTube for all to enjoy. The problem with this trend is that most people don’t want to invest hundreds of dollars on a camcorder for this single purpose.

For those of you on a mobile video blogging budget, this Stainless Steel Camcorder from Micro might be up your alley, because it is capable of recording “DVD quality footage” onto SD cards. And it does it on the cheap. That’s because this micro wonder retails for a mere $150 from ThinkGeek.

If you stuff a 2GB card into its stainless steel confines, you’ll have enough room to “tape” up to two hours of videos or store up to 100 five-megapixel still images. I’m hoping that the quality is a touch better than some of the webcam garbage we’ve seen on YouTube and other social media sites. Yes, I’ll leave Britney alone.