USB Shoe Drive Kicks It Into High Gear

USB Shoe Drive Kicks It Into High Gear


The USB flash drive market is pretty congested and manufacturers are doing pretty much anything they can to separate themselves from the pack. Some are tossing in biometric technology, others are increasing their speed ratings, others still are shoehorning as much capacity as they can into the gumstick-sized drives. Not these drives, though. They’re just appealing to your sense of novelty.

If you’ve ever wanted a USB Flash drive in the shape of a running shoe — and who hasn’t — then your wishes have finally come true. At this time, the shoe-shaped memory pieces come in only two varieties: one shaped like some basketball kicks and another appealing to fans of futbol. There’s also a baseball shoe in the works.

Choose from 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB varieties with prices to match. And you’ll be kicking it in no time.