Go-Kart In a Suitcase For True Mobile Mobility

Go-Kart In a Suitcase For True Mobile Mobility


And you thought the bike that could be folded up was impressive. Wait until you take a gander at this very special suitcase. Housed inside is a fully functional go-kart, complete with motor, pedals, and everything else you’d need to whip your way around a parking lot on a crazy Sunday afternoon.

Very few details accompanied the release of these photos, so we can’t tell you have many horsepower the developers managed to squeeze into such a tiny package, but it must be enough for this kid to phone home about it.

I shouldn’t say that the go-kart fits inside the suitcase, because as you can quite plainly see, the suitcase shell is actually part of the go-kart itself. You’ll probably want to let the engine cool down a bit before packing it up for the day.