A Wholly Different Multi-Function Watch From Stanley

A Wholly Different Multi-Function Watch From Stanley


My wrist feels a little naked when it leaves the house without a watch. Whereas cell phones have continued to increase in their number of functions, multi-function watches haven’t been nearly as popular. Remember when it used to be all the geek rage to have a calculator watch? These days, some people are looking into fashionable Bluetooth watches. But not Stanley.

Stanley is a well-respected name in the arena of home improvement, but they’re spreading out into the wristwatch business as well with the release of this new 3-in-1 multifunction watch. And it’s not the three functions that you would first expect. Timex watches do the countdown and timer thing, but this Stanley watch has a calculator and six-inch ruler instead. I’m sure that plastic bulge out the side won’t be noticed by anyone…

Yes, it’s not the most fashionable creation we’ve written about on Mobile Magazine, but who said that carpenters needed to be fashionable. Pick up a Stanley 3-in-1 watch for $26.