Sony Learns to Do Multi-Touch Too

Sony Learns to Do Multi-Touch Too


While many people say that the Nintendo Wii is revolutionary, it really made use of pre-existing technology. It’s just that Nintendo implemented it so well. The same can almost be said about the Apple iPhone, but man alive, look at the impact that Cupertino’s creation has had on the mobile phone industry. Ever since the iPhone hit the market, it seems like every manufacturer wants a piece of the touchscreen phone pie and Sony is no exception. Here is a multi-touch LCD developed by the Japanese giant.

And that’s the critical difference between this touchscreen display and the touchscreens found on other Apple iPhone wannabes. Sony has ensured that the 3.5-inch display can handle multi-touch input, just like the iPhone, and it’ll happily accept both your finger and the specially included stylus. Resolution is quite decent too at 640 x 480 of RGB goodness.

Oh, and about the whole multitouch-ness of it all, Sony claims that the optical touch sensor array supports up to five points. And you’ve got five fingers, how convenient.