Samsung SPH-M4650 Powered By Marvell, WinMo 6 Pro

Samsung SPH-M4650 Powered By Marvell, WinMo 6 Pro


Nobody wants to say that they own a stupid phone, so it might be best if you consider purchasing a smartphone like the newly announced Samsung SPH-M4650 PDA phone, which is powered by the Marvell PXA 300 Application Processor. This is the result of a recent collaboration between Samsung and Marvell, and it could point toward the future of Samsung PDA phones.

I’m not entirely sure if this is an all-new handset or simply an upgraded one, but they do say that the new processor is more advanced and ensures “multimedia and optimal Business Applications Functionality to its end users.” If you ask Tim Taylor, he’ll definitely approve of more power. Just don’t let him tinker with it.

Rounding out the specs re improved power consumption, Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional, and improved “gaming and the multimedia functions, while enabling business functionality and PC synchronization,” said Samsung senior veep Hun Bae Kim.