Leaked! Live Shots of the Nokia N96 Slider Phone

Leaked! Live Shots of the Nokia N96 Slider Phone


It’s hard to verify the veracity of these images, but if their legitimacy holds up, then we are currently in the presence of the highly anticipated Nokia N96. As its model name implies, the N96 is the spiritual, if not official successor to the dual-sliding Nokia N95.

Instead of the plain silver or black casing of its predecessor, the Nokia N96 is going for a much more fashionable look, boasting a piano black finish not unlike the new Nokia N81 gaming phone. In fact, you’ll notice that the five-way navigator looks very similar to the other new slider phone. We’re not sure if the Nokia N96 slides downwards as well, but we imagine that it retains that functionality.

Another noteworthy item is the integrated five-megapixel camera. Numerically, this may not be an improvement over the N95, but we hope that Nokia didn’t plunk the exact same camera in here. There’s also a dual LED flash to light up your world.