Is The ZTC 8898 Better Than the LG enV?

Is The ZTC 8898 Better Than the LG enV?


The form factor found on the Chinese-made ZTC 8898 mobile phone is eerily familiar, because it is nearly identical to the hugely popular LG enV.

While in its closed position, you have access to a standard candybar-style cell phone, complete with small color display, five-way navigator, and a numeric keypad. When you flip it open like a book, you get a mini-laptop experience, featuring a landscape display, speakers, and a QWERTY keyboard. If this pic is to be believed, you also get a Super Nintendo emulator.

I do find it strange that the keyboard includes Windows and Internet Explorer buttons, because it’s unlikely that the ZTC 8898 is running any sort of official Windows Mobile OS. Rounding out the specs are GSM/GPRS, Bluetooth, 1.3 megapixel camera, six speakers, and dual SIM card slots. Pick it up at DealExtreme for $189.