HTC Touch vs. HTC Touch Dual: Which Prevails?

HTC Touch vs. HTC Touch Dual: Which Prevails?


Although it seems like everyone and their grandma is lusting after the Apple iPhone these days, there are many alternatives that you can consider if you’re looking for a touchscreen-based phone rocking a slick user interface. And two of these alternatives are eerily similar. If you’re stuck deciding between the minimalist HTC Touch and the sliding HTC Touch Dual, look no further than this definitive comparison.

Gear Diary has pit the two handsets against one another, eschewing the HTC Touch Cruise because that phone has a totally different style and appearance than these two. At first glance, the most obvious difference between the Touch and the Touch Dual is that the latter has a slide-out SureType keyboard. It’s also slightly larger in every dimension.

Both phones have a beautiful textured surface and HTC’s cool TouchFlo interface, bt in the end, Gear Diary gives the advantage to the HTC Touch Dual. If only it had QWERTY instead of SureType.