Wristwatch Sniffes Out WiFi On the Cheap

Wristwatch Sniffes Out WiFi On the Cheap


I know that I’ve gone through this ritual a few times. So, I’m walking around town with my laptop when the urge to hop online suddenly bites me. Unfortunately, I haven’t too much of a clue where I can score some free Wi-Fi, so I go to a hopeful location, open up the notebook, and see if it can find me a network. Nope. So I move on to another location, rinse, repeat, and try again until I find a suitable connection. Needless to say this is quite a pain.

There are other Wi-Fi detector devices on the market — heck, they’ve even put the thing in a t-shirt — but none are quite as discrete and affordable as this Wi-Fi detecting watch. The styling leaves much to be desired, looking almost like a retro geek calculator watch, but it serves its purpose. Simply click the button and it’ll tell you the strength of an access point in the area, rating it on a scale from 0 to 8.

That’s the good news. It’s also quite pleasing to hear that this Wi-Fi sniffer retails for just 30 bucks. Sadly, there’s no mention as to whether it can tell you if said Wi-Fi access point is password protected or not.