Nokia Challenges Helio Ocean with Triple Slider Patent?

Nokia Challenges Helio Ocean with Triple Slider Patent?


You always have to take these patent sketches with a little grain of salt, because the concepts they represent may not ever actually materialize into a real-world device. In regards to this particular patent filing, however, I hope that the Finnish phone maker totally follows through. It looks pretty hot.

The Helio Ocean isn’t the only device to slide in multiple directions, because this Nokia cell phone patent calls for a triple slider design. Three keypads in a single device. Slide the large (touchscreen?) display upwards to reveal a conventional numeric keypad. Slide it downwards to get media controls a la the Nokia N95. Slide it to the side like an HTC phone to reveal plenty of QWERTY.

This looks like one incredible concept, although the QWERTY keyboard definitely looks a little squished. I don’t care. Toss in the latest version of Symbian, a decent camera, and a few gigs of storage and I’m smiling all the way to the Nokia store.