In-Car Navigation System Lets You Drive a Virtual Cable Car

In-Car Navigation System Lets You Drive a Virtual Cable Car


With regular GPS devices, they’ll tell you to “turn left in 100 meters” or something and you may not be exactly sure where you should be turning, especially if there are multiple intersections coming up. Even with voiced turn-by-turn directions, the device may not be pronouncing street names very well and you’re left squinting at the street signs. Also, not good.

The new Virtual Cable navigation system by Making Virtual Solid places a virtual red line on your windshield, guiding you through every turn without fail. In a sense, your Toyota Corolla gets transformed into a cable car, because you just follow the red line projected in front of you. Several turns can be seen — and anticipated — in advance.

The red ribbon “actually appears to exist in 3D space outside your car thanks to a patent pending volumetric display system using lasers a mirrors.” It’s a little hard to understand through still photos, so be sure to check out the trio of video demos. Seems like an interesting idea and the inventor (Tom Zamojdo) hopes to have the system as a $400 factory-installed option “one day.”