Which is Better? Apple iPhone or Nokia N95? (Video)

Which is Better? Apple iPhone or Nokia N95? (Video)


So, you’ve got several hundred dollars to blow on a shiny new cell phone and you can’t decide between the Apple iPhone and the Nokia N95. Each handset certainly has its advantages, but they seem to be approaching the market in two wholly different ways.

The CNET people have pit these hot handsets against one another, determining once and for all which super smartphone is superior. On the one hand, the iPhone comes with a slick user interface, touchscreen display, and integrated iPod functionality. On the other hand, the Nokia N95 looks cool with the sliding, boasts a better camera, and guides you around town with GPS.

It really came down to the wire for these guys, but after rating both the iPhone and the N95 on several areas, a conclusion had to be made. Peep it in the vid below.