The Easy Way to Unlock iPhone 1.1.2

The Easy Way to Unlock iPhone 1.1.2


When you are a customizer or a tech geek who absolutely must have the latest and greatest that Apple has to offer, you’re left with quite a quandary when it comes to the Apple iPhone. On the one hand, you want to have it unlocked and jailbroken, so that you can take advantage of all sorts of third-party hullabaloo. On the other hand, you also want the latest firmware from Cupertino, so that you have the newest 1s and 0s possible.

Whether you’re thinking about “upgrading” to firmware version 1.1.2 or you’ve already done it, unlocking the latest iPhone doesn’t have to feel like pulling teeth. In the video tutorial below, you can learn how to unlock an iPhone version 1.1.2 using a SonicSIM Card 1.0.

It seems that you can unlock the device in less than five minutes and all it takes is for you to meld your preferred SIM — doesn’t matter which carrier — with the SonicSIM card. The SonicSIM is one of those dual-SIM gadgets, but you’re only really using one here.

Is this video bogus or legit? Anyone willing to be the guinea pig?