Sony Ericsson Finally Addresses RAZR With Z660i

Sony Ericsson Finally Addresses RAZR With Z660i


You know, it’s almost like Sony Ericsson was making a conscious effort to avoid the skinny phone segment for so long, despite the rising popularity in shrinking our mobile’s waistline. Maybe they didn’t want to come off as a Motorola copycat or something.

Whatever the case, SE is slowly creeping into the thin market. They handled candybars with the W880i and now they’re going skinny flip with the Sony Ericsson Z660i. As you can see, this clamshell is remarkably skinny at just 14mm of thickness. Thankfully, it’s not really RAZR-esque either.

In terms of features, the Sony Ericsson Z660i gets UMTS, a 2MP camera, and is based on the A200 platform. It’s still in the rumor and spyshot stage, so stay tuned.