MobiBlu Boxon DAP Does VoIP Too (Video)

MobiBlu Boxon DAP Does VoIP Too (Video)


If you can get past the cheesy porno music playing in the background, the provided video preview below presents you with a hands-on session with the MobiBlu Boxon. Yes, it’s hands-on and ready to be fondled.

Anyways, the MobiBlu Boxon may appear to be yet another tiny offering from MobiBlu, taking on similar characteristics as its minuscule music-playing counterparts, but the Boxon comes with one additional feature that you probably won’t find in very many other digital audio players. You see, this thing’s got VoIP capabilities. Nifty.

Unfortunately, the Boxon can’t do the VoIP dance on its own. It needs to be connected to a computer first. Shucks. Rounding out the features are a 1.7-inch OLED display, integrtated FM tuner, and “a host of multimedia functions.”