Latest Sony PMP Has a Big Touchscreen Like Apple

Latest Sony PMP Has a Big Touchscreen Like Apple


I know that the Apple iPod and iPod Touch were not the first handheld devices to feature full-face touchscreen displays, but when any new product gets released today, it inevitably gets compared to the offering coming out of Cupertino. Such is also the case today with a video preview of the Sony Ultraslim PMX-M70 personal media player. That huge touchscreen certainly looks attractive.

The Sony PMX-M70 rocks eight gigabytes of internal memory, displaying all sorts of content through its 4.3-inch touchscreen display. The orange and black color scheme is definitely appealing and file support is reasonably impressive as well, with love being shown for both DivX and H.264.

All of this sounds fine and dandy until we discover that this particular PMP is only available in China. Wait, only available in China? Are you sure it’s even really Sony?