How To Rack Up an $85,000 Cell Phone Bill

How To Rack Up an $85,000 Cell Phone Bill


The 300 page iPhone bill looked pretty bad, but it was little more than a detailed account of all the unlimited minutes and text messages that Justine used. She ended up with a bill of $274.81, with most of the charges coming from activation and a prorated bill. Big deal. Some poor Canadian sap just got hit with a cell phone bill from Bell Mobility for about $85,000. And he thought he was on an unlimited data plan.

See, the problem is that Piotr Staniaszek signed up for an unlimited data plan for his cell phone, not knowing that he couldn’t tether the handset to his laptop. Frank and Gordon told Piotr that this was a violation of the Bell unlimited plan and that he’d have to pay for all the charges. Eighty-five grand? Are you freaking kidding me? I told you Canadian data rates were expensive.

After some careful negotiation, Piotr has managed to talk Bell down to a bill of just $3,400. Still no small sum, but at least that’s not enough to buy a luxury car or two.