Gresso Gets More Expensive With Avantgarde Collection

Gresso Gets More Expensive With Avantgarde Collection


Vertu swallows up a solid chunk of the luxury cell phone market, but other companies want a big piece of that overpriced pie as well. Gresso has just stepped up the price for Russian extravagance with the announcement of their Avantgarde collection of luxury cell phones. The collection is composed of two pieces: the Black Diamonds and the Royal Black Diamonds.

It’s not like they dressed up these handsets with extra shiny Swarovski crystals, but the understated elegance is undeniable. The simple black and gold color scheme screams out that you have money, but you don’t necessarily need to show it off. The Royal Black Diamonds phone comes with 23 function keys, all made from gold and encased with black diamonds. Around the back, the Gresso logo is completely made from gold as well.

Gresso is putting the Avantgarde Collection on a rather limited production run of just 50 units. Each phone sells for 30,000 Euros.