Cheaping Out With the Retro-Themed Nokia 2600 Classic

Cheaping Out With the Retro-Themed Nokia 2600 Classic


There’s nothing wrong with the retro look when it comes to cell phones. I’m particularly found of the two Nokia 6500 Classic phones, because they still boast current generation technology. And they look pretty hot doing it. Unfortunately, I can’t sing the same praise for this el cheapo wonder. The Nokia 2600 Classic is supposed to make us a little nostalgic with its old school appearance, but the sad fact of the matter is that it also has an old school spec sheet.

Spotted on a random Chinese website, the Nokia 2600 Classic is meant to remind us of days gone by, before we were offered speedy wireless web and integrated music players, before the proliferation of touchscreens and accelerometers. The Nokia 2600 Classic is a decidedly basic phone, featuring a 65k color CSTN display, 32MB of internal memory, and Java applications. It’s also got a simple VGA camera.

Seeing how this phone only rocks two GSM bands — 900 and 1800 — it’s most likely destined for the European and Asian prepaid markets, probably hitting up the cheaper end of things. But hey, if all you want is a phone that works, the 2600 Classic might do you good.