CellCoach Teaches You Not to Use Cell Phone While Driving

CellCoach Teaches You Not to Use Cell Phone While Driving


While it may not be illegal everywhere, it is at least heavily recommended that you do not use your cell phone while driving. It’s a rather major distraction, regardless of whether you’re sending off a quick text message or if you’re on an actual voice call. While driving, your attention should be on the road; I need not remind you of how many accidents are caused by people yakking away on their phones.

This message gets through loud and clear to some people, but parents may have a very difficult time hammering the point home to their teenage children. When your kids are tired of your yapping, it might be time to install this device from CellCoach Technologies. To be installed under the dash of your car, it emits a very annoying beeping sound every time it detects a cellular signal.

The device gets activated both when a voice call and when a text message are detected. The high pitched beeping sound stays on until the cell phone’s activity ceases or it is turned off. This sounds like a good idea, until the teen finds themselves in a true emergency situation, only to have the 911 dispatcher on the other end put up with a high-pitched squeal.