Asus Eee PC Can Run Windows Vista Too (Video Proof)

Asus Eee PC Can Run Windows Vista Too (Video Proof)


The whole Vista ad campaign was supposed to make us go, “Wow”, but I didn’t have that reaction until I saw this video wherein Paul O’Brien managed to shove the monstrous OS onto his Asus Eee PC. It was already reasonably impressive when people managed to find a way to fit Windows XP on their 7-inch laptops, so it’s a huge accomplishment to get Vista running on there, considering that many full-sized budget computers have a tough time with Microsoft’s latest operating system.

That said, it’s not the full build that’s going into the Eee PC. O’Brien made use of vLite to shrink Vista’s footprint and he also inserted an eight gigabyte SD card for additional storage. He got it working, “running simple tasks at an acceptable speed”, but I can’t imagine sludging my way through Vista on the relatively underpowered Eee PC. There’s a reason why Asus put Linux on there in the first place.

Either way, props to Paul O’Brien for a job well done.