YouTube Arrives On Helio Ocean For Real

YouTube Arrives On Helio Ocean For Real


Although the triple-stack form factor on the Helio Ocean makes for a fair bit of girth, that extra weight makes it all worth it when you consider how much functionality the messaging-oriented handset happens to have. Time to add another juicy tidbit to the Ocean, because “the coolest application for the Helio Ocean everz” has been announced and it’s a new YouTube application.

The Helio Ocean is already a fantastic device, so being able to watch random user-uploaded videos while on the go is a definite plus. Whether it’s people getting kicked in the groin or some weirdo telling us to leave Britney alone, you’ll be able to “view tens of millions of videos” on your Ocean. Better still, the YouTube app is “lightning fast” and “has an amazing UI.”

In addition to video watching, you can also geo-tag videos, post video responses, post comments, rate videos, subscribe to channels, and even upload videos directly from your Ocean. Totally sweet.