SpinVox Voicemail to Text Arrives at Rogers

SpinVox Voicemail to Text Arrives at Rogers


Sometimes, it can be a bit a pain to have to dial into your voicemail, punch in your PIN, and then listen as your friend drones on about this or that. We just don’t have time to deal with all that nonsense, so this latest development certainly serves as quite the saving grace. Rogers Wireless has just introduced a service called Voicemail to Text and it does exactly what you think it does.

With each voicemail message you receive, some computer translates the voice message into a text message, sending you the SMS almost immediately. No need to call in to your voicemail, no need to enter a PIN. The backend is handled by a company called SpinVox, but “we have no idea how accurate the conversions will be.” Pictured here is a BlackBerry, but the Voicemail to Text service is available on any Rogers phone that can handle text messages.

The initial roll-out in seven provinces, leaving Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Manitoba out in the cold until early next year. Voicemail to Text goes for $15 a month.