LG Venus Blushes Pink in Time for the Holidays

LG Venus Blushes Pink in Time for the Holidays


I’m your Venus… I’m your fire… At your desire. The LG Venus launched over at Verizon Wireless not that long ago, but I guess sales haven’t been quite as high as the CDMA provider had hoped. Normally, you don’t see the release of a pink edition until sales have gone a bit stagnant — look no further than the RAZR for an example of this phenomenon — so it’s a little surprising to see that the LG Venus has already received the pink treatment.

All the girly-girls in the audience just let out a collective OMG, because the pink LG Venus is indeed available in time for the holidays, making it a perfect Christmas gift for the more feminine among us. The features on the slider remain the same as its traditional black brethren, including a 2MP camera, microSD expansion, VZ Navigator, and that cool dual-screened, touch-based navigation. And yes, it’s got that whole VCast/VCast Video thing going on too.

The pink LG Venus is on sale now for $199.99 after $50 mail-in-rebate, assuming you lock down to a new two-year ontract.