Kingston Device Handles 19 Different Memory Cards

Kingston Device Handles 19 Different Memory Cards


Multi-card readers are nothing new, so you’d think that the new 19-in-1 card reader from Kingston wouldn’t excite you. After all, it looks like it has a standard USB connection and then a whole series of slots for all of your favorite kinds of memory cards. But it does have a couple of slots in there that most other card readers lack.

Looking beyond the standard stuff like SD, CF, and Memory Stick, you’ll discover that the Kingston 19-in-1 card reader has native support for microSD and MMCmicro cards. That’s right, no adapter needed. Normally, when you want to load content onto your microSD memory card, you have to use one of those adapter things that up-sizes the card to a standard SD size. Such is not the case with this reader. Cools.

Kingston has kept the price down too, as the multi-card reader retails for a mere $17.