Ultra-Portable Apple MacBook Trifecta Expected at MacWorld 2008?

Ultra-Portable Apple MacBook Trifecta Expected at MacWorld 2008?


At MacWorld 2007, Steve Jobs unleashed the Apple iPhone onto the world. As we turn our attention to MacWorld 2008 (which takes place next month in San Francisco), we’re inundated with rumors surrounding not one, not two, but three new MacBook laptop computers. Better still, two of these just might be rocking NAND Flash. Bear in mind that these are just rumors at this point, but seeing how several of the iPhone rumors came to fruition at the beginning of this year, there is a distinct possibility that these MacBook rumors may also come to pass.

First up is a very compact 12-inch MacBook. The idea is that this laptop will be ridiculously thin — as Apple loves to do with their products — but it will still boast regular functionality. The $1700-$1800 notebook is said to come equipped with an optical drive and a dual core processor. A second 12-inch laptop may be 50% thinner. This offering will ditch the hard drive in favor of NAND Flash and it is rumored to receive a $1500 price point.

Last but certainly not least is a 13-inch aluminum MacBook. Key features on this rumored machine include a LED backlit display, NAND flash memory, and the lack of an optical drive. They’re keeping this one skinny as well with a 50% weight reduction.