Half of Japan’s Best Selling Books Written on Cell Phone

Half of Japan’s Best Selling Books Written on Cell Phone


Years ago, you’d pen a book by actually taking out a pad of paper and writing each paragraph using a physical pen. Later on, people came across a wonderful invention called the typewriter. Since then, nearly all of us have moved on a personal computer, typing out the next Oprah-approved coming of age story using a word processor of some kind.

Over in Japan, however, many of their best selling books are not written on a computer. Instead, they like to type out their novels using a cell phone. When you look at the top 10 selling works in Japan, half of them were typed out using a cell phone. There don’t appear to be any stats breaking this down further into QWERTY, SureType, and T9, but it’s still quite a feat to consider that a book was typed using only a pair of thumbs.

Masayoshi Yoshino of Goma Books feels that this is the wave of the future, saying that this is “not simply as a fad, but as a new kind of culture.” Because we carry our phones with us everywhere, you’re only a couple of thumbs away from the next great American novel… right?