Fully Functional Cell Phone Demos Online

Fully Functional Cell Phone Demos Online


The site is still in beta, but TryPhone has quite an interesting concept going on. You may not be able to physically fondle the handset, but TryPhone grants you the online opportunity to test out the user interface on several phones.

Right now, the options are only limited to four handsets: the Apple iPhone, LG Muziq, Samsung Juke, and BlackBerry Pearl. What you get presented with is a digital representation of your chosen handset and most of the buttons are fully interactive. You can access the camera function, the music player, and so on. The interface isn’t 100% accurate, but it does come pretty close.

Oh, and before you ask, the multi-touch feature doesn’t work on the virtual iPhone at all. You can’t even flick through playlists; it’s just the “buttons” that work. Click here to try out TryPhone on your own.