Video Review: Samsung YP-P2 Touchscreen Media Player

Video Review: Samsung YP-P2 Touchscreen Media Player


I know. Comparisons to the iPod Touch are inevitable, but it seems that you can get your hands on a Samsung YP-P2 portable media player for less money than its Cupertino-fueled counterpart. Yes, it’s not an iPod, but the Samsung P2 can easily hold its own against many of its contemporaries.

For starters, it has a simply gorgeous 3.0-inch touchscreen display. The interface isn’t quite as pretty and intuitive as that found on the iPod Touch, but still seems to be a joy to use. Naturally, it takes care of both music and videos (the latter in widescreen landscape mode), adding Rhapsody and CinemaNow support to the mix. Other features include an FM tuner and Bluetooth, the latter of which has full support for A2DP.

A future firmware upgrade will unlock an additional function on the Samsung YP-P2, transforming the portable media player into a stereo Bluetooth headset. Just pair the device with your phone and talk into the integrated mic. Cools. Peep the brief review below for a better hands-on.