Upgrade RAM on Asus Eee PC Without Voiding Warranty

Upgrade RAM on Asus Eee PC Without Voiding Warranty


The Asus Eee PC sort of came of left field. It’s not like the world hasn’t seen very compact laptops before, but when you shove high quality materials in a value-priced package, the masses are sure to bite. As popular as the Asus Eee PC has been, many people have been itching to upgrade the rather anemic RAM found within. Unfortunately, there is an unsightly sticker covering the access panel, warning users that their warranty will be voided if the sticker is removed.

Well, that sticker can now be ignored. Asus has announced that owners of the Eee PC are free to upgrade the RAM — and any other components for that matter — without risk of voiding their warranties. In their own words, “ASUS wishes to assure its customers that merely breaking or removing this kind of seal will not void the ASUS Limited Warranty.”

To make things even more interesting, Asus is almost encouraging you tinker with the Eee PC to your heart’s delight, saying that it will “honor all other terms of its Limited Warranty and that it will not refuse warranty service simply because a customer has either broken a warranty seal, installed non-ASUS components or software, or because the customer’s unit has been opened or serviced by a non-ASUS-approved service facility or by the user.”

That’s right. All you XP fans can now surf without fear. Asus might want to consider rewording the part about servicing a customer’s unit though.