Sagem my220x Cell Phone Has the Midas Touch

Sagem my220x Cell Phone Has the Midas Touch


Everything it touches may not turn to gold, but the my220x mobile phone from Sagem is rocking a fair bit of gold on its own. Taking on a form factor nearly identical to the Sagem my150x candybar which preceded it, the my220x doesn’t offer very much in terms of features. The whole point is that this phone should be elegant, simple, and minimalistic.

Most of the handset is wrapped in black, but the gold trim around the edges and the gold disc menu button will probably be the first things that catch your eye. It’s a very lightweight phone at just 65 grams and it’s got the skinny side of things covered too with a profile of just 10mm. Basics include a 65k color LCD, speakerphone, talk time of 180 minutes, and 240 hours of standby. There’s no mention of a camera or music player.

I can just see Johan van der Smut lusting after this phone now.