Mazda to Introduce Future Styling Trends in 2009

Mazda to Introduce Future Styling Trends in 2009


In the automotive world, it’s important to establish your brand so that it is instantly recognizable. The double kidney grille is undeniably BMW. The muscular front fascia of a Dodge cannot be mistaken for any other marque. Mazda is still working on firmly establishing its brand, but the company hopes that the styling introduced by the 2009 Mazda3 will “strengthen the brand.”

Design chief Laurens van der Acker is saying that the front face on the new Mazda3 is decidedly “stronger” and it will be “more eye-catching than the current model.” To be based heavily on the aggressive Mazda Nagare concept car series, the new look will be implemented across several models. You’ll be treated to a distinctive five-point, shield-shaped grille, more flowing details, longer wheelbases, and shorter front overhangs.

“Within the next three years, you will start to see my cars on the road,” said van den Acker. “One of the advantages of being a small company is that we can afford to be a little more provocative.”