Limited Edition Apple iPhone Wrapped in Platinum

Limited Edition Apple iPhone Wrapped in Platinum


The Apple iPhone is easily one of the hottest electronic gadgets of the year, getting everyone excited about touchscreen displays and the marrying of music with voice conversations. It’s not exactly an exclusive device, however, because just about anyone can waltz into an AT&T dealer and ask for a touchtastic mobile. If you want to be a little more special, you may want to consider getting a Platinum Edition Apple iPhone. This is because only 250 units will be produced.

To be sold through GoldStriker, the Platinum iPhone comes at quite a premium over its non-platinum counterpart. Whereas a regular iPhone goes for about $400, the platinum version is ringing up at a cool £1099.95. That works out to about US$2,230, meaning that you can have one of these or five of the garden variety phones.

Looking for special features? Keep looking, because the Platinum iPhone still boasts the exact same spec sheet. Then again, with a production run of just 250 units, you can feel pretty darn special showing off that Platinum iPhone… until someone steals it and posts it up on eBay.