iPod touch Can Make and Receive Voice Calls

iPod touch Can Make and Receive Voice Calls


By and large, the iPod Touch can do everything that the iPhone can do except for voice calls. Thanks to a couple of modders, that difference may soon be thrown out the window. You see, “Marian” managed to build a preamped mic for the iPod touch and some guy named “eok” has taken this addition one step further, introducing VoIP to the iTouch.

Testing is definitely in the preliminary stages for now, but eok is claiming that he has ported Samuel’s SvSIP to the iPod touch. As a result, users are able to both make and receive SIP-based VoIP calls using the portable media player. The integrated WiFi radio makes it all possible.

When TUAW’s Erica Sadun tried porting SIP over to the iPod, she didn’t get very far. Furthermore, very few details surrounding this port have been released. That said, if eok is for real, thousands of iPod touch owners could soon be making Skype calls on their otherwise non-cellular handhelds. Am I getting too far ahead of myself?