Hummer HX Concept Aims To Attack the Open Road

Hummer HX Concept Aims To Attack the Open Road


Or rather, the Hummer HX concept is interested in taking it off-road. The concept vehicle sports the unmistakable Hummer front grille, but it boasts several features that you won’t find on another SUV in the company’s lineup.

For example, all of the roof panels are completely removable. This includes both the front and rear roof panels, providing passengers with a truly open-air feel. What’s more, the doors can be torn off as well, though I imagine that there may be some restrictions over this configuration while in the city.

Certain profile pictures of the Hummer HX remind me of the Toyota FJ Cruiser in some ways, but we’ll have to check back in at the Detroit Auto Show next year for a better look at this vehicle. After all, this is “just” a concept sketch.