WiFi-Capable Samsung Katalyst Arrives At T-Mobile

WiFi-Capable Samsung Katalyst Arrives At T-Mobile


T-Mobile has officially launched a new handset to take advantage of its [email protected] service. The Samsung Katalyst is a stylish slider phone featuring a titanium finish and quad-band GSM/EDGE radios, in addition to the integrated WiFi for VoIP-like calls through T-Mo. It’s also got stereo Bluetooth for fans of wireless music.

Looking up and down the spec sheet, you’ll also discover that the Samsung Katalyst comes equipped with a 1.3 megapixel camera, speaker-independent voice recognition, and a microSD expansion slot good for up to two gigabytes of additional memory. Based on the provided picture, the Katalyst should feel right at home with myFaves as well.

The Samsung Katalyst is available now from T-Mobile. Pick one up for $79.99 when you sign a new two-year contract.