Dell unveils special edition WoW XPS M1730 laptop

Dell unveils special edition WoW XPS M1730 laptop


Life just got better for the hardcore World of Warcraft geeks in your life. Dell has come up with a special edition XPS M1730 that will not only handle playing the game with ease, but is WoW themed as well.

You can choose between Horde or Alliance designs, and each has original themed artwork on the desktop, the screen saver, and the case as well. If that’s not geeky enough, the machine also comes with a WoW backpack full of WoW goodies, including games and strategy guides, a DVD, soundtrack and novels, and a Quest Envelope filled with surprise items that will give you an advantage in accessing future versions of the games and other things that only true WoW lovers could care about.

The laptop itself is the same as any other XPS M1730 under the fancy art covering. That means that it is powerful but wickedly heavy. This new offering, which will be shipped starting December 11, is not for the casual fan – it will cost people $4,500.