Ramos RM 970 – a PMP that isn’t ugly like most Ramos...

Ramos RM 970 – a PMP that isn’t ugly like most Ramos stuff


When you think of style and attractiveness in portable devices you certainly haven’t thought of Ramos. Up until now, that is. With their new RM 970 PMP you can finally look at one of their devices without fear of going blind. It is dominated by a nice 480 x 272, 3 inch screen. The 200MHz ARM7 processor and 200MHz Rockchips DSP provided the motor that drives the 2GB of storage capacity, and the split screen menu will be familiar and comfortable for anyone who has used one of those music thingies from Apple.

It supports the full range of formats right out of the box, and it may even be able to manage NES simulation. Like so many things, this unit is not available outside of Asia, and likely won’t be. We also don’t know the price at this point, but if it came in at the right price point, the features, the look and the nice screen could make it worth owning.