Q-BA-Maze – low tech toy fun

Q-BA-Maze – low tech toy fun


Everything old is new again. The Q-BA-Maze has come to our attention as the latest and greatest simple toy the grace the planet. I think that it looks great – you create a maze out of interlocking pieces for steel marbles, and then you drop the marble into them. Just the kind of thing that can keep me endlessly fascinated.

I know this because I had essentially the same toy, made out of steel instead of space age plastic, way back when I was a kid (and believe me, I haven’t been a kid for a while). Just because it isn’t unique doesn’t mean that it doesn’t look like a whole lot of fun, though. You can buy your own set in 20 or 50 piece sets, and you can obviously combine as many sets as you want if you are determined to make the world’s largest Q-BA-Maze. Note to the makers – a test set wouldn’t go to waste here.

Video at Gizmodo.