Windows Mobile On Cusp of Getting Vista Sideshow Treatment

Windows Mobile On Cusp of Getting Vista Sideshow Treatment


Windows Vista Sideshow is an interesting piece of software that lets you access frequently used applications on your laptop’s secondary display. This means that your computer doesn’t need a full bootup in order to get into things like the media player or email program.

A brand new Software Developers Kit (SDK) has been uncovered at the Windows Sideshow Team blog. In this SDK, they make mention of portrait QVGA UI designed for remote controls, new universal driver for Windows SideShow that supports USB and Bluetooth communication, and new Bluetooth menu commands. Yes, none of this mentions WiMo specifically, but with Bluetooth features and QVGA UI, you’ve got to admit that it has smartphone inclinations.

If I’m reading this correctly, it could mean that you can pair your Windows Mobile device with your Vista-powered laptop, using the WinMo screen as if it were a secondary display. In this way, your smartphone is transformed into a Vista remote.